The following committee meetings are typically held on the days & times noted below.
Please check our AA Events page for a current schedule of upcoming meetings.


Purpose – Treatment Committees are formed to coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment and outpatient settings, and to set up means of “bridging the gap” from the facility to an A.A. group in the individual’s community. The Treatment Facilities Committee carries the AA message to individuals in treatment and detox centers, hospitals, shelters, and halfway houses.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at the 24 Hour Club.

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Purpose – The purpose of our committee is to raise money through our Corrections Picnic in November and through group donations to purchase literature. We work diligently with the Corrections professionals to get AA literature to any inmate who wants it. Individuals on the committee and volunteers carrying the message inside may work to create pre-release contacts, but this is not the committee’s (as a whole) purpose.
Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm, at the 24 hour club, in the Quiet Room..

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Statement of Purpose

AA Grapevine is the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. Written, edited, illustrated, and read by AA members and others interested in the AA program of recovery from alcoholism, Grapevine is a
lifeline linking one alcoholic to another. Originally known as a “meeting in print,” AA Grapevine communicates the experience, strength, and hope of its contributors and reflects a broad geographic spectrum of current AA experience with recovery, unity, and service. Founded in 1944, Grapevine does not receive group contributions, but is supported entirely through subscription sales and additional income derived from the sale of Grapevine items.

The awareness that every AA member has an individual way of working the program permeates the pages of Grapevine, and throughout its history the journal has been a forum for the varied and often divergent opinions of AAs around the world. Articles are not intended to be statements of AA policy, nor does publication of any article imply endorsement by either AA or Grapevine.

As Bill W. expressed it in 1946, “The Grapevine will be the voice of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. Its editors and staff will be primarily accountable to the AA movement as a whole. … Within the bounds of friendliness and good taste, the Grapevine will enjoy perfect freedom of speech on all matters directly pertaining to Alcoholics Anonymous. … Like the Alcoholics Anonymous movement it is to mirror, there will be but one central purpose: The Grapevine will try to carry the AA message to alcoholics and practice the AA principles in all its affairs.”

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm at the 24 Hour Club.

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Purpose – Those involved in archival work is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. Archives service work is more than mere custodial activity; it is the means by which we collect, preserve, and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our Fellowship. It is by the collection and sharing of these important historical elements that our collective gratitude for Alcoholics Anonymous is deepened.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 9:30 am at the 24 Hour Club.

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image002We have exciting news to share. Firstly, Markings on the Journey, the revised Archives video is now available and ready for distribution. It is catalog number DV-01 and costs $10.00. If you would like to purchase a copy of the DVD, please contact your local Intergroup or order directly from G.S.O.

Secondly, if you have not already done so, we invite you to check out the newly designed A.A. web site and the “Archives and History” portal. There is also an Archives Committee resource page that includes printable resources for your local use. Here is the link:

Thank you for your valuable service to A.A.

Special Needs:

Purpose -To assist the Alcoholics Anonymous groups in District 20 to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still-suffering alcoholics and current members with access / special needs. Arrange meetings for A.A. members who do not have access to regular A.A. meetings e.g. in hospitals; rehabilitation centers for the physically disabled or challenged; residences for the developmentally disabled.

Meetings are to be held the first Saturday of the month 7PM, Alano Club on Marco.

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Purpose – Carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous with Conference approved pamphlets, books, audio and visual tapes; assist AA members in reaching an informed group conscience by providing guidelines.

Meetings are to be determined.

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Public Information – CPC South:

Purpose – The CPC/PI Committees provide information about AA to schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies and other organizations interested in the AA approach to recovery from alcoholism. They also cooperate with professionals in the community – educators, physicians, clergy, and others who are often in contact with active alcoholics.

Meetings are to be determined.

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Purpose – The Website Committee shall assist Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in District 20 (service area) in carrying the message of A.A. and providing information about the A.A. Fellowship to the public. The Website shall be a Public Information vehicle of NVI and shall present only publicly available information about A.A. operating within the principles embodied in the Twelve Traditions of A.A.

Meetings are to be determined.

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